Sussex by the Sea is traditionally played as the last piece of music to end

our performances.

History of Sussex by the Sea

The history of Sussex by the sea is briefly as follows –

In about 1907, Mr. W. Ward-Higgs, who lived at the time in Sussex, and who took a great interest in the County and the County Regiment, was moved

 to try to produce a marching song in praise of Sussex. “Sussex by the Sea” was the result. When his favourite sister-in-law had become engaged to

Captain Waithman of the 2nd Battalion, he set about composing a song for them and produced ‘Sussex by the Sea’. As soon as it was published the

 author sent copies to an officer of the 2nd Battalion who was connected with him by marriage, and the song was sung, in about September, 1908, by

 that officer at concerts at Ballykinlar Camp, where the battalion was at that time. The tune at once became popular, and has remained so ever since.

Mr William Ward–Higgs lived at Hollywood House in South Bersted, Bognor Regis, at the time of writing “Sussex by the Sea” a fact commemorated

today by a plaque on the side of the house. Ward-Higgs’s grave is in Bersted churchyard.

Sussex by the Sea by W Ward-Higgs

Now is the time for marching,
Now let your hearts be gay,
Hark to the merry bugles
Sounding along our way.
So let your voices ring my boys,
And take the time from me,
And I’ll sing you a song as we march along,
Of Sussex by the Sea!

For Sussex by the Sea !
Oh Sussex, Sussex by the Sea !
Good old Sussex by the Sea !
You may tell them all that we stand or fall,
For Sussex by the Sea

We’re the men from Sussex,
Sussex by the Sea.
We plough and sow and reap and mow,
And useful men are we;
And when you go to Sussex,
Whoever you may be,
You may tell them all that we stand or fall
For Sussex by the Sea!

Up in the morning early,
Start at the break of day;
March till the evening shadows
Tell us it’s time to stay.
We’re always moving on my boys,
So take the time from me,
And sing this song as we march along, Of Sussex by the Sea.

Sometimes your feet are weary
Sometimes the way is long,
Sometimes the day is dreary,
Sometimes the world goes wrong;
But if you let your voices ring,
Your care will fly away,
So we’ll sing a song as we march along, Of Sussex by the Sea.

Light is the love of a soldier,
That’s what the ladies say,
Lightly he goes a wooing,
Lightly he rides away.
In love and war we always are
As fair as fair can be,
And a soldier boy is a lady’s joy In Sussex by the Sea!

Far o’er the seas we wander,
Wide thro’ the world we roam;
Far from the kind hearts yonder,
Far from our dear old home;
But ne’er shall we forget my boys,
And true we’ll ever be
To the girls so kind that we left behind
In Sussex by the Sea